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TOGAF, The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Framework:

TOGAF, a flexible architectural development method providing a common architecture framework: a set of techniques for the transformation of an enterprise architecture from a base (envisioned, or conceptual) architecture to a desired target architecture.
A summerized view can be seen below:

The ADM or Architectutral Development Method with its familiar "crop circle" diagram is the centre of the architecture transformation ...
TOGAF is not intended to be used as a "recipe cook book", where each step is executed in a robotic pre-defined sequence; rather TOGAF is a foundation which is adapted to the organisation employing its framework techniques.

Using TOGAF:
One of the first tasks therefore, when adopting the TOGAF approach is to adapt the TOGAF framework to the target enterprise's organizational needs.
Adaption may occur for any phase of the ADM cycle e.g.

  • Vocabulary, the basic architecture entities
  • Deliverable Templates
  • Architecture Principles
  • Architecture elements: diagrams etc.
  • ADM phases and their iterations
  • Architecture governance
  • The view of the architecture repository

This inherent flexibility of the whole ADM cycle and TOGAF is further seen in its ability to be used in conjunction with other frameworks if required; i.e. the architect may adapt and extend the TOGAF framework to define a tailored method for the particular organization. For example TOGAF may be integrated with DODAF (Dept. of Defense Architecture Framework), or CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) etc.

 Fundamental TOGAF ADM Concepts:
  • The ADM cycle: an iterative step-by-step approach to transforming an enterprise architecture from a conceptual baseline to a desired target.
  • System modelling 
  • Business scenarios: models of the system composed of business processes and software components, along with technical and organizational elements: used to validate and verify solution feasibility.
  • Architecture Repository: contains all enterprise information, processes, data, deliverables, model diagrams, etc.

AM2D TOGAF Services:

AM2D offers architectural services employing TOGAF development concepts. To learn more about TOGAF visit The Open Group TOGAF; to learn more about AM2D's TOGAF services contact us by phone or e-mail.

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