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Systems Modelling: MBSE & SysML
System Modelling
 Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML:

Systems continue to grow in complexity at an unprecedented rate; performance and interconnectivity demands are at levels inconceivable twenty years, or even a decade ago. Systems cannot be viewed and designed as isolated entities any longer: the internet, IoT (Internet of Things), ethernet, PCIe connectivity, etc. all require systems to integrate with and behave as part of a larger entity, which includes other systems, devices, and human beings. An entity which is continually evolving, changing and growing.
The field of systems engineering has as a result also evolved and grown to meet these challenges of complexity and performance: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) uses a model-driven development approach as part of its analysis, specification, design and verfifcation techniques. The major component of the deliverable artifacts being a coherent model of the system: a model which will evolve and drive the system development.
AM2D MBSE SysML services:

AM2D uses the SysML graphical modelling language within an MBSE tool to generate an integrated (specifications, models, requirements etc) systems model.
The use of a fully integrated MBSE SysML tool enables us to provide a model capable of integrating:
  •  hardware
  •  software
  •  data
  •  people
  •  facilities and other physical environment elements. 

SysML provides support for:
  •  requirements modelling
  •  the modelling of system behaviour
  •  structure
  •  properties
  • system parametric constraints modelling

SysML is a subset based (very closely) on UML, and therefore is easily integrated into other AM2D services such as the ATAM for architecture evaluation, requirements modelling and software development.

For more information on the OMG SysML and its MBSE please visit the OMG SysML web page

For more information about AM2D MBSE and SysML services please contact us
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