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Mission Critical Fault Tolerant Systems
No system is infallible. Complex software may fail for numerous reasons: adverse external conditions, physical component failure, inherent design flaws etc.
Fault tolerant architectural design enables us to create self-recovering and fail-safe components in our software; allowing complex systems to tolerate varying degrees of error occurance; ensuring that mission critical system services will continue from a controlled recovery state, or preferably without any noticible system interruption at all.
AM2D Mission Critical Services:

    • High Availability
System component redundancy
Failed component "fencing" or isolation
Majority vote based decision

    • Fault Tolerant Design
Design Diversity: 
    • n-version programming
    • data diversity
    • temporal diversity
See more detail on our HA Fault tolerant services ...
    • failure detection
    • diagnosis
    • failure containment
    • Forward based recovery
    • backward based recovery
    • failover
    • Failure Analysis
Software Fault Tree analysis (SFTA)
More on fault tree analysis ...
Contact us to discuss your mission critical system requirements ... 
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