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Failure Mode Analysis:

Software Fault Tree Analysis (SFTA) is used to:

  1. find software paths which may lead to hazardous system states.
  2. determine a condition or conditions under which fail-safe/recovery procedures should be invoked.
  3. act as an analytical tool to determine the placement and content of runtime checks to detect hazardous states.
  4. facilitate safety testing by identifying system critical failure components.

Typical examples of SFTA useage are: 
  • mission critical shutdown systems e.g. nuclear plants, power-generation
  • high-availability systems e.g. hospital medical systems, emergency telecommunications equipment, military combat equipment.

AM2D offers SFTA as part of its architecture failure mode analysis services. SFTA is applied to selected mission critical elements and services of the architecture to ascertain potential failure points, and develop suitable responses to the failure condition.

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